Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Solarium

I just love this room. I had gotten the "wicker" sofa a long time ago and thought it would be great to have it in this one corner of the first floor. I found a simulated flagstone mat that I cut and put in the corner. I got a piece of rather substantial basswood and had my husband cut it out on the band saw for me after carefully measuring the bay window and made a shelf which goes around the whole interior of the bay. I did the windows in white and rested the bottom of each one on the shelf. The best part is the flower arrangements. I just can't seem to stop buying them! I still want to get some more plants, especially a tall one to stand on the floor. I got a hanging plant and found that if I mixed a small amount of putty and glue it would stay on the celing quite well. I hung it with a length of small chain that I got at the hobby store and a jump ring that I bent into an S shape to attach the top of the hanger of the basket to the chain. The light coming in the window in this shot makes it look quite realistic.


  1. It's realy beautiful and looks so real.

  2. Love this room! Great idea to add the shelves. Your little flower pot is so pretty!