Thursday, February 11, 2010


As you may remmber, I have been kind of snowbound with the weather in my area of Pennsylvania.  So since I was inside, I worked on the inside of the cottage.  I have mostly completed it.  I have to get some kind of threshold for the slate entryway, get the light on the side table plugged in, put in the baseboard, fix the chandelier, and of course add some kick kacks.  But for the most part it is done.  I really like the light, airy feel that the place presents.  If I had a cottage in lifesize I think I just might decorate it this way. 

I can't wait until I get the grass for the garden and the resin for the pond.  I made my own fish, a little bigger than the one my son made, and have that in the pond.  I have to get some pastels to shade them as they are too yellow, but for my first attempt I think they work.  I also made a little birdhouse and a shepard's hook that it hangs on, which you can see to the left of the picture.  I found the house at PrintMini and glued that onto balsa wood and then constructed it with an eye pin from my bead collection and it looks kind of cute. 

So now I am completely dug out and will have to go to work tomorrow.  Oh well, a holiday is coming on Monday and there's the weekend, so maybe I'll get some other things done.  I have to wait until some more supplies arrive, though.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Garden

Two posts in one day!  Well as I said earlier it's been snowy all day and we aren't really supposed to go out on the roads, so what better to do that minis.  I have been working on the garden most of the day and after the shrub I made a daylilly and did some other small things.  The flower was from an article in Dollhouse Miniatures, issues 10 and 11 by a woman named Jo Bevilacqua about how to make a summer oasis called "Leni's Garden Wall".  This daylilly is made with 28 gauge copper wire and paper petals.  You take a length of it and twist 3-4 loops of it to create the stalks, add the petals, paint the wire with acrylic paint and fabric glue, and then put on the leaves.  I was unable to located the smaller wire she suggested for the stamen, so instead I didn't put those in, but I followed most of the other directions and I think it turned okay.

In the picture of the side yard you can see a fish in the pond.  My son made that and right now it's lying on its side but will be swimming once I get the resin to fill the pond.  I tried to make another one, but was unable to, so maybe the fish will be the only one.  Maybe I will get him to make another one.   


I tried my hand at a shrub today.  I came across a blog that gave instructions of doing one by taking some floral foam, spraying it with adhesive, and rolling it in model railroad foliage.  Well spraying really didn't work, so I ended up tearing up small sections of the foam and dipping it in the fast grab and putting it on the foam.  I doesn't look too bad.

It's snowing again in this area.  I had driven in to work early this morning and the roads were pretty good at that time, but things got really bad and they let us go - those who actually made it in.  I am glad I left when I did because now they have declared a state of emergency and I could have gotten stuck at the office and been really unhappy.  So now I am home and able to work on my house.  I am happy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's snowing its tail off out there and it's a Saturday so I don't have to go to work, so what better to do than minis! I love it!

Anyway, over at Casey's Minis she is doing a tutorial on making germaniums.  They looked simple enough even for me to do. I was having trouble finding the punch for the petals and looked high and low for them. The site that had those punches was shown by Tabitha in her blog. So I went to that site and found that they are way too rich for my blood, so I searched some more.

Then yesterday coming home from work I decided to stop by Michael’s because I knew the snow was coming and wanted to have all my supplies for the weekend. Anyway while wonder through the scrapbook section I found a pack of mini punches and one of them is the small flower that Casey was talking about. They were only $14 rather than the $48 that the ones online were! I am sure they are nowhere near the quality as the higher priced one, but they will suit my purposes. So I got to work last night and while I was looking around for the beads that Casey was talking about in her tutorial my eye fell upon a box of large headed pins that I was using for sewing some placemats. So I used them instead and created some sort-of-looking-geraniums. I don’t have the punch for the leaves and tried using the small heart one by gluing the tiny corner of one under the petal part. You can see it peeking out of the flower on the extreme right. But I think its way too small. One thing is that you have to use the Aleene’s Fast Grab glue on this project for sure! I did follow those instructions and I can just imagine using the white glue; the petals would just slide off the pin head.
The other thing that Casey suggested was using double thickness suede for the cupping part. I didn’t have that, but the fleshy part of my upper thigh under the sweatpants worked very well; well except for the tiny bruises on it : ) 

I will keep looking for the punch for the leaves, but for now, I think my sort-of-geraniums look good and they will be fine with lots of them jammed into the space in the large window box on the front of the cottage.  I'll post that when it's done.