Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Closer

I am really pleased how this is coming along. I have the baseboard and the cornice molding to along with putting the lights together. I think that I may also get a plant or something to fill the corner, but I think the placement of the furniture works. You can't really tell by this picture, but the walls are a tan color and work with the floor stain. The two pictures are the ones that were used on my father's CD cover; the one of the left is Chopin and the one on the right is my father when he was young. It is one of his first publicity pictures.

The room for my mother is also coming along. I don't have the pictures temporarily placed in this picture, but I like the placement of the furniture. The walls are a pale pink to go with the window treatment I am working. Again, the baseboard, cornice molding, and lighting need to be done to complete.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving Along

Things are moving along for the roomboxes. I painted the ceilings and arranged the furniture so I could get an idea of where things are going. Today I painted the walls. I found that the sample jars of paint that you can get at Home Depot are great for this. They are around $3 each and you can get any color you want.

Here are the rooms with the furniture arranged for placement. The first on is the one for my father, the second fo rmy mother.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I completed the outside of the roomboxes and am starting work on the inside. I received some of the furniture, including the two pianos that I was having a hard time finding. So I was playing around with the placement and determining if there was any other furniture I needed.

First my mother's room: As you can see, I postioned the window where it will be and put the floor in place to see how it will look. I also got the chandelier but that wasn't staying up with the temporary gum for the test fit. It's a 5 light fixture and should do well for lighting the whole box.
My father's roombox: I found I need some other pieces. I am going to put a desk under the computer. As you can see I put something in there just to place the computer, but
it is not the piece I want to us. I am also going to put a fireplace, and I hope to light that fireplace so that it gives more light in the room. I read in a dollhouse lighting manual that you need at least 3 bulbs to get enough to light with the furniture there. The floor lamp is only one bulb, so I need to add to it if I am going to fit that quota.
I also worked on the floor for his roombox today. I my big dollhouse, I took basewood, scored it, and stained it, and I am going to do the same here. It worked out really well for the other rooms, so I thought I would use the same process here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Start

So the boxes came in a few days ago. After looking at the instructions I realized it was relatively simple to construct and put them together. They are on their sides drying and I am looking forward to getting them moving along. I ordered some of the things to go into the boxes, except the pianos because the place where I normally get things for my miniatures has them on backorder until November. That would be in time, but I don't want to wait that long. So now I have to do a search for them while working to get the rest completed. The kit came with the moulding for the front and the plexiglass for the final assembly. Now to pick up the paints and start with the base.