Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Found My Muse

Late last night for some inexplicable reason I went up to my office and started work on my artists studio.  I thought it was the Storybrook Cottage house, but found it was not.  I started it a while ago and put away because I found out as I was working on it that it was not 1:12 and I didn't know how to handle that.  I has posted that here and got some great feedback about taking out the second floor and treating it like one room, so I did that as well as putting back the window openings on the second floor and then put it away.

I had decided that I would do this little one as a thatched cottage and went to the Internet to look for pictures and found this one.  It really struck me and I decided that I would try to copy it as much as possible.  My little cottage does not have the addition on the side but it does have a bay window there, so that's fine. I like the little flowers on the trellis and saw one like that at an online miniature shop I have gotten things from before. The inside will be an artists studio so I will be collecting and making things to go inside.  Of course as with all new projects I stayed up half the night because my mind was swimming with possibilities.

So for now I have to finish the structure and then work on the decoration.  I found a great tutorial online for doing the roof with coconut fiber and it looks pretty easy.  I was agonizing on the exterior finish, but the white stucco is great and I already have the textured paint I used on another project for that.  So it appears that I am all set.  Now all I need is to make the time to do it.