Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks to new followers

A big thanks to my new followers. I am sorry I wasn't able to thank you earlier, but here goes. Thanks to:
- Maija from Finland. Her site is at
- A follower from California whose blog is at who writes of her 20 houses. 
- Karin whose blog I can't seem to locate. 
- Sylvia from Spain whose blog is at has won some awards and has some lovely pictures on her blog of her work.
- Michelle from Belgium whose blog is at and has a really cute bathroom she is working on.
- Angeles from Spain whose blog is at has some darling pictures of baby clothes on her site.
- Cheryl from Hawaii whose blog is at and is venturing in to some really small scale things.
- Cynthia from Pennsylvania who's a writer, a minaturist and web designer and has an Etsy shop
- Susan from Australia at who does the teenist bears I have seen.

A big thanks to my new followers!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost Done

Finally got the astroturf for the garden and put that down.  Got a cute little birdbath and put that in the garden. 

The last few steps are putting the resin in for the pond, getting or making a few more plants for the garden, and getting a few more touches for the inside. 

Other shots of the cottage: