Sunday, August 9, 2009

I completed the outside of the roomboxes and am starting work on the inside. I received some of the furniture, including the two pianos that I was having a hard time finding. So I was playing around with the placement and determining if there was any other furniture I needed.

First my mother's room: As you can see, I postioned the window where it will be and put the floor in place to see how it will look. I also got the chandelier but that wasn't staying up with the temporary gum for the test fit. It's a 5 light fixture and should do well for lighting the whole box.
My father's roombox: I found I need some other pieces. I am going to put a desk under the computer. As you can see I put something in there just to place the computer, but
it is not the piece I want to us. I am also going to put a fireplace, and I hope to light that fireplace so that it gives more light in the room. I read in a dollhouse lighting manual that you need at least 3 bulbs to get enough to light with the furniture there. The floor lamp is only one bulb, so I need to add to it if I am going to fit that quota.
I also worked on the floor for his roombox today. I my big dollhouse, I took basewood, scored it, and stained it, and I am going to do the same here. It worked out really well for the other rooms, so I thought I would use the same process here.

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