Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Garden

Two posts in one day!  Well as I said earlier it's been snowy all day and we aren't really supposed to go out on the roads, so what better to do that minis.  I have been working on the garden most of the day and after the shrub I made a daylilly and did some other small things.  The flower was from an article in Dollhouse Miniatures, issues 10 and 11 by a woman named Jo Bevilacqua about how to make a summer oasis called "Leni's Garden Wall".  This daylilly is made with 28 gauge copper wire and paper petals.  You take a length of it and twist 3-4 loops of it to create the stalks, add the petals, paint the wire with acrylic paint and fabric glue, and then put on the leaves.  I was unable to located the smaller wire she suggested for the stamen, so instead I didn't put those in, but I followed most of the other directions and I think it turned okay.

In the picture of the side yard you can see a fish in the pond.  My son made that and right now it's lying on its side but will be swimming once I get the resin to fill the pond.  I tried to make another one, but was unable to, so maybe the fish will be the only one.  Maybe I will get him to make another one.   

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