Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I tried my hand at a shrub today.  I came across a blog that gave instructions of doing one by taking some floral foam, spraying it with adhesive, and rolling it in model railroad foliage.  Well spraying really didn't work, so I ended up tearing up small sections of the foam and dipping it in the fast grab and putting it on the foam.  I doesn't look too bad.

It's snowing again in this area.  I had driven in to work early this morning and the roads were pretty good at that time, but things got really bad and they let us go - those who actually made it in.  I am glad I left when I did because now they have declared a state of emergency and I could have gotten stuck at the office and been really unhappy.  So now I am home and able to work on my house.  I am happy.

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