Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Started...Again

As a child I was always facinated with minitature things. When I was a teen I asked my father for a dollhouse kit so I could build one. That Christmas I was granted my wish and eagerly started putting the thing together. As time wore on, I got too busy to continue working on it, but I kept it. I had managed to assemble the thing and painted most of the outside. The next step was to complete the outside, paint and decorate the inside, and of course, decide whether to electrify it.

Fast forward several decades and I had recently finished the renovations of my home office and was staring at the house, so neatly stored in one corner. My husband was working nights and my son had started boarding school and I was all alone when I came home from work. With nothing to do, I decided I would start working on it. I decided that I would not electrify it as I found that I had not completed the steps I should have and the time for electification had passed.
The picture shows where it was when I started it up again.
This blog is a little late in starting because I have made a lot of changes since then and have completed the exterior and almost completed the interior. However I thought it might be fun to have presence on the web about my dollhouse.

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