Monday, February 16, 2009

The Music Room - more work to be done

The Music Room was the third room I attempted, and the first room I attempted with wallpaper and a parquet floor. It's not finished, but I am showing it anyway so you get a sense of where it can go. I purchased the tiles for the floor from and ended up having to puchase two packages. I didn't measure as I should have, but I eventually decided rather than do the whole floor to just use what I had and build around it with balsa wood. It was not complicated, but you do have to check for square frequently as you are gluing them down to the paper "subfloor". I used a grocery bag which I took apart and ironed (low heat) so that it would stay flat. I worked it out on a flat piece of wood and as the sections were drying, put a piece of wax paper and a heavy book on top do they would not buckle. I then stained and put a coat of clear varnish by Delta Ceremcoat. It says glossy on the label, but not so much. The rug is actually a mousepad that someone gave me a long time ago.

The wallpaper was found on the I mentioned earlier printed on heavy paper. Since I am not experienced at this and this being my first time, I didn't do the bay window. It's hard to get around the corners for that, and I see that the wood needs another coat, but perhaps with the window molding it won't be that noticeable.

Yet to do is build the windows molding (still waiting on the woodwork shipment), putting another coat on the bay window, getting fireplace accessories, and maybe do some corner molding for the ceiling. More to come on this room.

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