Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome to the Artist's Cottage

I finished the roof thatching this morning.  A final shot of hair spray should hold things down a bit.  I really like how it came out even if I didn't follow the directions completely because it just didn't work for me.  They suggested folding a section and putting it down and then using small twigs and nailing them to the top.  One has to do that to hold the fiber down because when you fold them, they tend to spring back to their original shape.  I just continued it up to the top and tried to weave the front section into the back.

I purchased one piece for the inside, which was pretty expensive, and I may do some handmade small things, but for now it fills things up a more than a bit.  That and the small easel and picture my son drew when he was a child which as far as scale is concerned is way out there.  But artists have been know to work on really large pieces, and I think my son will like that this features his work.  Now that he is grown and a much better artist, I may ask him to do something specifically for it. The smaller "canvasses" are simply small pieces of mat board that I cut up and arranged in the corner along with the empty frames that I purchased.

It will now reside in my work room with the others.  I know that until I really retire fully, I will not have the time to do another project.  I definitely don't have the room - at least in this room at any rate.  But there could be a place in the house for something small.  In the meantime I will enjoy what I have.


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