Friday, January 3, 2014

Making Progress

I am about 75% completed with this project, and I am more than obsessed with it.  I have had two very sleepless nights thinking about it - I try not to work when in the middle of the night because the quality really suffers.  I still have to thatch the roof, mortar the bricks in the front stoop, mortar the "stone" floor, coat the floor with modge podge, and install the front door.  However I am going to have to wait because I finally found the coconut fibers to do the roof with on Amazon and have to wait until they are delivered.  I found a great tutorial on the thatching process, here.
More pictures below.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out.  The reason I have been able to do all this is that currently I am unemployed after being laid off.  I did get a new job but that doesn't start until the 21st, so I have some time to myself.  It also snowed about 8 inches last night so I was not going anywhere today. I also did a little rearranging of my workspace and you can see a tiny bit of the first house in the corner of this picture.  I had my second house in the hallway, and I was not able to get any enjoyment from that at all.  So I cleared off my lamp table and put the little house there.  Now I get to enjoy it every time I am up here and the light behind it allows me to see the inside.  I just have to work on getting the big house situated in the window and I am all set.

The last things I have to do is get some accessories for the studio.  I have an easel with a small picture my son drew when he was small.  It is a little large for the scale but I think it will work. I found a great artists bench on and even though it is pricey I am going to get it.


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