Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Taking Shape

Pardon the quality of the picture above; I think I got something on the lens.  But things are beginning to take shape with the new project.  I have the house together for the most part and now I am working on getting the inside prepped for paint and finishing.  I am getting excited for how it is working out.  The kit, I found, has these cool cutouts that look like half timbers which will look great.  I laid them out and then took them off and painted them brown.  I got balsa wood and cut them to size and will paint them to match the half timber and glue them down to the ceiling to look like exposed beams.  I made a chimney shape for the inside and outside and used the egg carton trick to "stone" the chimneys. You can see the outside one in the second picture where I experimented how the half timber frames will look. I like it.  
Now I have to source where to get the coconut fibers to do the thatched roof, figure out how I am going to do the floor (I think I want it to look like stone) and work on the inside furniture and accessories.  It's going to be an artist's studio so I know some things will be hard to find and others I will have to figure out how to make.  I found this really cool tutorial on how to make brushes with thread and toothpicks so I am excited about that.  I don't have a whole lot of time, but on the days I have nothing planned I will get working on this. Getting excited.

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