Friday, July 24, 2009

Full of Ideas

Last night I went home from work all excited because I was full of ideas for my parents’ room boxes. I sketched out the design and decided what materials and furniture I needed to get and wrote them all down. I am going to light them and having never electrified a dollhouse before, I am a little stymied on how to do it. So I went onto the Internet and found a few resources that helped. One that I found that was helpful was Greenleaf Dollhouses. There are a lot of resources out there. I tried two searches; “how to light a dollhouse”, and “electrify a dollhouse”. But if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Anyway now I have to figure out my lighting plan. Since it is a small space it was suggested on the Greenleaf forum that I could hard wire it rather than use the tape.

I struggled with reproducing the location my parents have their pianos in, but my father’s studio is not very interesting. So I settled on putting things in the room box that represented them – I saw Doreen did that with her shadow boxes. For example, my father recently put out a CD (shamelss plug here) and I am going to put the two pictures from the cover art in the box and display them as two portrait paintings behind the piano. That’s where one of the lights will be placed. I will have a floor lamp next to the piano and color the walls to compliment one of the portrait’s backgrounds. Since he is also into computers, I am going to put a computer on a small desk to the right of the piano.

For my mother’s room box, I am going to paint the walls a pale color, probably pink or peach, as she likes those colors. She has her piano in the front hall under a circular staircase. I decided that putting the stair case in the box might take up a lot of room, so I am just going to put a faux window to the right of the piano with drapes that resemble the ones in the life-size room, and a scene of a beautiful meadow behind the window so it looks as if you are looking out onto that location. There will be a large picture behind the piano that is a copy of a oil painting she loves, which hangs in her living room. For the lighting, I am going to hang a chandelier over the piano, which should light the whole space. Hers is going to be a little fancier since she tends toward that style.

So now I wait until the room boxes I ordered arrive.

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