Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roofing and Exterior

Things are coming along pretty well.  Since I have been on vacation from work, I have had a chance to do more on the Storybook Cottage.  I decided against the stone block exterior and ended up doing the stucco.  Yes, I know it's kind of a cop-out, but it suited the style of the house. 

I have the front roof and am working to paint the roof trim and get the top roof done.  I found that the shingles they provided in the kit do not come apart very easily on the scored lines.  It could be the age of the kit, but I have had to use sissors to get them apart having cracked a fair amount of them.  I can only hope that I have enough.  I also found that the shingles do not like to be put on with the white glue as they tend to curl.  That means that I have been using the hot glue and working hard to get them positioned quickly before the glue has time to set.  Pretty nerve-wracking.   I started using the hot glue actually to get the front porch roof onto the building.  I first tried with the white glue and it slid around so much I was at risk of having it on in the wrong place, so the hot glue is where it's at.

The final touch for the roof is that after I shingle and stain, I am going to put "copper flashing" on it.  I haven't looked for that, but I fiddled around with using some scrapbooking paper cut narrow enough which worked pretty well.  Now I just have to find a copper colored foil paper at my regular scrapbooking place.  Or maybe wide copper foil from the stained glass supply place.  My husband suggested that touch.

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