Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

The base coat/primer is on the house, and I have started painting the trim. I'm beginning to make decisions about what I am going to do to the exterior. I wasn't thrilled with the stone block idea, so I decided on a antique white for the walls and green for the trim. The roof shingles are going to be a dark brown. The antique white paint I got has a peach undertone, so I think that will look nice with the green, and it could be marked with lines so it looks like stone block if I like that idea. I may even mix the paint with a sand so it has a texture. Any ideas would be welcome.
I purchased a lighting kit so I have to now decide where I am going to place the lights and put togther a lighting plan. It's a small house so that won't be a major thing. But it's coming along!

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