Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Dinner Time!

I got the new things out that I ordered from Amazon with my gift card and went through them. I ordered diningroom and living room accessories and the bedroom furniture. Although I am not crazy about the bedroom things, the accessories were nice. I set them up in the dining room and the pictures came out nice (if I do say so myself).

I then started on the work for the windows in the Music Room and the Bedroom. I made two sample windows to test them for fit before I went and cut for the others. I have 5 wide windows and 8 narrow windows in those two rooms. I checked for fit and "gang cut" the pieces for the other windows this morning. I laid them all out on a piece of paper that I marked with the sizes so I can just grab, sand, and assemble as I move along. They are all going to be painted so I didn't have to stain the pieces before I cut.

These are different from the other ones I have done because these have corner blocks. I have never used them before but I studied the workwork in my real size house and checked out how they were done and figured it out. I also had some help from my husband who does construction and he gave me the thumbs up on what I was doing.

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